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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Giveaway!

It's finally here! Time to post pictures of our giveaway!  The rules are simple.
***Share the link to this page on your timelines or blogs (or both) (and keep sharing please!), come back and tell me you've shared in the comment section and your name will be added to the list to win! Please add a picture to your link or it's won't show. (There are instructions on how to do this under files) Just right click on the photo, save it and add it to your post)
***YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE!***  USA Shipping only. Sorry! :(
A big thank you to the contributors!
Martha McDonald for the crocheted lace huge doily and children's mittens.
Tea Jeanette Groves for the rose soaps, handmade tags and lace.
Carole Colca for the gorgeous rose brooch and earrings.
Cathy Scalise for HUGE strawberry. (I use mine as a pincushion) :)
Leah Woods for those long white amazing gloves with a glove holder clip.
Brenda Cantrell (yes, that's me!) added the vintage thread, silver puffy Victorian brush and two Italy girl pictures with frames.
And finally...yes, that's one of my hats in there!  The winner can choose either a handmade cloche hat or a pair of lace leggings from me. The hat will not be exactly like the one in the picture, but similar!
Paulette Andrews will be adding a picture of what she will be sending! Slow poke! ;)

The winner will be chosen by a random generator on the 20th of December.