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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surprise me! De-hoarding the Brenda and Sacha way!

So everyone knows that Sacha and I have started an Ebay store together, no surprise there!
My barkcloth listed!
I wonder if we are the first people to ever do this from different sides of the world?
Now that's a question for Ebay. And I have such a funny blog to write about the service call to Ebay to explain that!  But that's another story..maybe tomorrow?
Anyway...I was talking to Sacha last night...and it occurred to me that everyone probably thinks we plan out everything...discuss listing stuff...have a strategy...a plan...and I had to laugh.
I drag myself out of bed...get my coffee..turn on my computer...and Sacha is there...having wine and dinner and a relaxing bath, already having finished her day in France.
Our conversations usually start something like this...
Sacha: "How was work last night?  Is your rosemary plant still doing well?"
Me: "Still alive! It and me. :)  Did you list anything today?"
If this poor Rosemary plant lives, then lavender should too...right?
Sacha: "You know you can separate your rosemary now to have more?  Yes, one of my favorite pillow cases! What are you going to list today?"
Me:  "I don't want more rosemary plants, I want your lavender!  I haven't had enough coffee to decide about listing anything yet, I'll decide later. Oh I love your pillow case, I want it!"
Sacha: "No we're selling!!  Selling!  And I love the lace you listed..I want that!"
Me: No! We're selling..not buying..just say no!"
Sacha: "Here's my recipe to the Clafoutis you asked for. I'm going to finish knitting my shawl, have a great day!  Can't wait to see what you list while I'm sleeping!"
Me: "Me too! No clue. LOL  Thank you, you have a wonderful night. Thanks for the recipe and say hello to hubby for me!"
And that's how Sacha and Brenda De-hoard!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As always, I never know what I'll be getting into next.

This time it turned out to be a joint venture between myself and my friend in France!

We've always wanted to do something together, however the distance
obviously would be a challenge.

So we said "Ha! We say Phffttttt to that challenge!"

So now Sacha and Brenda are together at

And an Ebay store...

It's going to be interesting to say the least!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Magnolia Pearl...really? Yes! Really!

 So what would YOU do if one of your favorite designers name showed up on your Etsy transaction page???  Well stopped breathing...then you would stare at the email afraid to open it...surely you're seeing things right?'s late...been a long night at work...would that make you hallucinate?  You walk away..come's still order for lace's what???

Some background...

I've always been pretty vocal about my love for Eileen Fisher and Magnolia Pearls designs. 
I know, that's about as far apart as you can get in the design world, but that's just
how my mind works.  I love the simplicity of Eileen Fisher and the romance of Magnolia Pearl.

  Someone awhile back told me my designs reminded her of Magnolia Pearls line. I had never heard of her ( I know, I know been living under a rock here in this small town)
but it didn't take me long to fall in love with her and her clothing!
The romance, the story and just the joy that radiates from everything she does is an inspiration.

I've always went my own way when it comes to creating and sewing garments, so I really love it when I find designers that do that same!

Anyway...enough about me...

Back to the Magnolia Pearl order!

So after getting measurements I started sewing the lace leggings she had ordered. 
They were for a friend, but still they are going through Robin's hands first so they had to be perfect, every thread exact...and can we say I was a tad stressed by this point???

Sewing a garment that was going into Magnolia Pearls camp was such a huge compliment and yet such a bigger OMG what if they hate them?...they don't fit?...the postal service eats the package?...
Well you get the picture!

Finally they are done and wrapped and on their way!

I've been dying to say something, but couldn't until I heard back from them...

And yes! They made it just fine and said she loved them. Whew.

So there was my brush with fame.
  Out of all the sellers on Etsy they picked my lace leggings!
  I'm still twirling around the room and pinching myself!  

 So thank you Magnolia Pearl for the boost in confidence and for being my sign.

My beautiful inside and out Whitney so NOT liking the feet and head on the mink stole props for the photo shoot.  At least I didn't try to make her wear it!

I had asked God for some answers whether I should just work like a normal person and stop sewing for the shop. It's difficult to work a full time job and keep a shop going at the same time.

  All I wanted was a sign..just any kind of sign..that I should keep designing and selling and boy
did I get one!

Monday, July 23, 2012

SILK Romantic Robe 1920s French Boudoir by TheWiltedMagnolia

The first garment in my new French Boudoir collection for my Etsy shop!

Thank you Whitney, you are gorgeous inside and out!

And Greg for being the photographer extraordinaire! 

Haven and Adrianne for cheering us on all day!

Love you all!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Wilted Magnolia: What's in a name?

 Where did THAT name come from?

 One of the frequent questions I get asked is
 WHERE did you come up with the name "THE WILTED MAGNOLIA"?...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Still under wraps...

I'm working on a new collection for August inspired by my antique patterns from the 1920's....

Still very hush - hush....

Under wraps.....

Actually wrapped in tissue paper, hand dyed ribbon,vintage lace, antique calling card and vintage
silk millinery roses!

I think I love making the packages pretty more than I like sewing the garments!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why name it The Wilted Magnolia?

One of the frequent questions I get asked is WHERE did you come up with the name "THE WILTED MAGNOLIA"?  I always laugh, but it's a name born of hope, hard times, strength, and just plain old stubbornness. (As my Mom would say!)

My sewing groups always called me "The Southern Magnolia" because I type just like I talk...which is at the  least VERY southern. Born in GA, raised in GA and regardless all my travels, this is where I come back to.

I'll try to make this short, but if you've ever known a southern raised person, you KNOW we can't just spit it out, there's always a story!

At age 44, my life took a very sudden turn with a divorce, which in turn caused a bankruptcy just to keep my home and lots of stress! I had been a housewife for l0 years with not a lot of job experience at that point. So off I went to work. A few months later I was in the hospital for l0 days, very ill (thankfully to drugged to know much about it). Ironically enough, the hospital bill was exactly the amount of the bankruptcy!

To say life was difficult at that point in probably an understatement! I just kept thinking, "This Magnolia is very wilted right now".

 I started writing about my crazy, funny, days (it was laugh or cry, ya know?) and sending letters to the troops who had just been deployed overseas. The dad of one of the soldiers started a program where he sent all these letters to his son, who gave them out to soldiers who didn't have family and never got mail. So funny stories about a crazy life seemed to fit. The letters I got back saying how I had brightened their days with letters kept me going. Who was I to complain?

So the pen name "The Wilted Magnolia" was born. It reminds me of where I've come from, what I've overcome and that I will always have the strength to "make something from nothing".

Thank you to all of my customers who have loved and worn my creations. I love you all!

The Wilted Magnolia

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Wilted Magnolia: Etsy Friends Link your shop!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week two declutter and Eileen Fisher Inspired closet

My de-hoarding is going pretty well!

I started by just getting my bedroom straightened out and all the clothes put away.
I started with my small closet that I have decided will be my "Eileen Fisher" closet.

The plan is for every garment to actually be an original EF piece or garments inspired by her and made by me..... How nice it would be to reach into a closet and everything just WORK together!
I have a decent start on it....

Two pairs of tight/leggings in a steel gray color, a tank dress in grey, all made by me and a EF long tank top with sequins..... horrible picture!


Made by me scarf, tights, tank dress, and EF Sweater worn to the movies. 
You can tell by the pics below the colors are much prettier than my first picture shows!

Made by me linen racer back tunic...

I started moving everything around and cleaning out and burning....
I did have great fun with my bonfire.
  Furniture, clothes, blankets, shoes, trash, you name it, it went into the fire! 
 Kinda scary when I get started I don't want to quit!

Even Cher was a little freaked out!

Only one panic attack yesterday when it came time to do something with one of my grandmothers bedroom dresser. It was cat scratched and would never have sold for anything. One of those with a huge mirror and two side drawers on each side. Takes up a whole wall that I wanted for sewing supplies. So it was useless for what I needed.  What to do? What to do? I couldn't quite bring myself to throw it on the fire...thought it about I dismantled it.  ^#(^ it wasn't
 me  So now I have a huge mirror (still waiting to see where that goes) and two end table with drawers that can be moved around.  So I freed up my wall and have extra storage. Whew.

And all this because I've started on cleaning out my bedroom! Good Lord. Move one darn thing and you have to move it all!  I actually moved my HUGE jewelry chest into a closet.  How funny is that???  Lots of jewelry will be going to auction also.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to burn, donate or put patterns in the auction boxes. Would they even sell? Guess it's worth finding out.
Anyone want some patterns, now would be the time to say so!

And the funniest thing...when I walked out the morning after the of the dogs was curled up right in the center of the ashes.  Guess it was still warm.  Crazy dogs.
Soooo....after work tonight, I'm off for a few days and I'll start again!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confession of a classic hoarder!

Confession time! I'm a hoarder. Not quite to the point of being on the TLC Hoarders show...yet. 
I refuse to be the little old lady who dies and gets eaten by her cats before the world can dig her out.
So.....I called an auction house...and I'm packing stuff up and it's going away!
Harder than some of you would ever imagine!
From my grandparents pill bottles (I'm 52, they died when I was eleven!) to all the pretty pottery and lace,
and just stuff that I've collected in between then and owning an antique store.

We won't even talk about me and Ebay...shudder.....

Here's a few pics of the things that are getting packed up and ready to move to some
other hoarders house!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Linky's and Roses...

I love summer, but I miss my Spring roses!

Good thing I take pictures...and more pictures....

to remind me.

When that doesn't help, I head off to the sewing studio to make some.

And then I put them on EVERYTHING!

Doggie bags....



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