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Friday, July 27, 2012

Magnolia Pearl...really? Yes! Really!

 So what would YOU do if one of your favorite designers name showed up on your Etsy transaction page???  Well stopped breathing...then you would stare at the email afraid to open it...surely you're seeing things right?'s late...been a long night at work...would that make you hallucinate?  You walk away..come's still order for lace's what???

Some background...

I've always been pretty vocal about my love for Eileen Fisher and Magnolia Pearls designs. 
I know, that's about as far apart as you can get in the design world, but that's just
how my mind works.  I love the simplicity of Eileen Fisher and the romance of Magnolia Pearl.

  Someone awhile back told me my designs reminded her of Magnolia Pearls line. I had never heard of her ( I know, I know been living under a rock here in this small town)
but it didn't take me long to fall in love with her and her clothing!
The romance, the story and just the joy that radiates from everything she does is an inspiration.

I've always went my own way when it comes to creating and sewing garments, so I really love it when I find designers that do that same!

Anyway...enough about me...

Back to the Magnolia Pearl order!

So after getting measurements I started sewing the lace leggings she had ordered. 
They were for a friend, but still they are going through Robin's hands first so they had to be perfect, every thread exact...and can we say I was a tad stressed by this point???

Sewing a garment that was going into Magnolia Pearls camp was such a huge compliment and yet such a bigger OMG what if they hate them?...they don't fit?...the postal service eats the package?...
Well you get the picture!

Finally they are done and wrapped and on their way!

I've been dying to say something, but couldn't until I heard back from them...

And yes! They made it just fine and said she loved them. Whew.

So there was my brush with fame.
  Out of all the sellers on Etsy they picked my lace leggings!
  I'm still twirling around the room and pinching myself!  

 So thank you Magnolia Pearl for the boost in confidence and for being my sign.

My beautiful inside and out Whitney so NOT liking the feet and head on the mink stole props for the photo shoot.  At least I didn't try to make her wear it!

I had asked God for some answers whether I should just work like a normal person and stop sewing for the shop. It's difficult to work a full time job and keep a shop going at the same time.

  All I wanted was a sign..just any kind of sign..that I should keep designing and selling and boy
did I get one!


  1. wow, what an amazing compliment. I LOVE your leggings too. now to visit your shop! thanks so much for linking to the party, and continued success!!

  2. What a fantastic post! I am always looking for signs too! Love your shop I visited it too. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  3. I'm glad to have been part of the whole story. It's such an amazing sign ánd compliment ánd... But...
    You KNEW that you are on the right track. You just needed this confirmation.
    You're a brilliant designer, with great taste and very high skills. I love your work, I'll always stay (one of) your biggest fan(s).
    Keep following your own path. You're doing great!


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