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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confession of a classic hoarder!

Confession time! I'm a hoarder. Not quite to the point of being on the TLC Hoarders show...yet. 
I refuse to be the little old lady who dies and gets eaten by her cats before the world can dig her out.
So.....I called an auction house...and I'm packing stuff up and it's going away!
Harder than some of you would ever imagine!
From my grandparents pill bottles (I'm 52, they died when I was eleven!) to all the pretty pottery and lace,
and just stuff that I've collected in between then and owning an antique store.

We won't even talk about me and Ebay...shudder.....

Here's a few pics of the things that are getting packed up and ready to move to some
other hoarders house!


  1. Oh what beautiful jewelry! I wish I could attend your auction. Of course, that would add to my collection (hoard.) Good luck to you.

  2. I love the sewing machines, and your jewelery. I think I could find a home for most of it! lol

  3. I'm not saying anything. I'm not sayi... Aaargggh!!! I wish I could have grabbed all your lacy stuff away to add to my own mes... ehm... collection. :D


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