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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week two declutter and Eileen Fisher Inspired closet

My de-hoarding is going pretty well!

I started by just getting my bedroom straightened out and all the clothes put away.
I started with my small closet that I have decided will be my "Eileen Fisher" closet.

The plan is for every garment to actually be an original EF piece or garments inspired by her and made by me..... How nice it would be to reach into a closet and everything just WORK together!
I have a decent start on it....

Two pairs of tight/leggings in a steel gray color, a tank dress in grey, all made by me and a EF long tank top with sequins..... horrible picture!


Made by me scarf, tights, tank dress, and EF Sweater worn to the movies. 
You can tell by the pics below the colors are much prettier than my first picture shows!

Made by me linen racer back tunic...

I started moving everything around and cleaning out and burning....
I did have great fun with my bonfire.
  Furniture, clothes, blankets, shoes, trash, you name it, it went into the fire! 
 Kinda scary when I get started I don't want to quit!

Even Cher was a little freaked out!

Only one panic attack yesterday when it came time to do something with one of my grandmothers bedroom dresser. It was cat scratched and would never have sold for anything. One of those with a huge mirror and two side drawers on each side. Takes up a whole wall that I wanted for sewing supplies. So it was useless for what I needed.  What to do? What to do? I couldn't quite bring myself to throw it on the fire...thought it about I dismantled it.  ^#(^ it wasn't
 me  So now I have a huge mirror (still waiting to see where that goes) and two end table with drawers that can be moved around.  So I freed up my wall and have extra storage. Whew.

And all this because I've started on cleaning out my bedroom! Good Lord. Move one darn thing and you have to move it all!  I actually moved my HUGE jewelry chest into a closet.  How funny is that???  Lots of jewelry will be going to auction also.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to burn, donate or put patterns in the auction boxes. Would they even sell? Guess it's worth finding out.
Anyone want some patterns, now would be the time to say so!

And the funniest thing...when I walked out the morning after the of the dogs was curled up right in the center of the ashes.  Guess it was still warm.  Crazy dogs.
Soooo....after work tonight, I'm off for a few days and I'll start again!


  1. Oh!! I want the patterns! (send me an email if you still have them!) I love the idea of one closet dedicated to one designer. I need more mix and match in my wardrobe. It seems everything I have only goes with one thing.

    1. Happy to share! :) Yes, I love my closet right now. Just reach in, put on and go.


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