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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surprise me! De-hoarding the Brenda and Sacha way!

So everyone knows that Sacha and I have started an Ebay store together, no surprise there!
My barkcloth listed!
I wonder if we are the first people to ever do this from different sides of the world?
Now that's a question for Ebay. And I have such a funny blog to write about the service call to Ebay to explain that!  But that's another story..maybe tomorrow?
Anyway...I was talking to Sacha last night...and it occurred to me that everyone probably thinks we plan out everything...discuss listing stuff...have a strategy...a plan...and I had to laugh.
I drag myself out of bed...get my coffee..turn on my computer...and Sacha is there...having wine and dinner and a relaxing bath, already having finished her day in France.
Our conversations usually start something like this...
Sacha: "How was work last night?  Is your rosemary plant still doing well?"
Me: "Still alive! It and me. :)  Did you list anything today?"
If this poor Rosemary plant lives, then lavender should too...right?
Sacha: "You know you can separate your rosemary now to have more?  Yes, one of my favorite pillow cases! What are you going to list today?"
Me:  "I don't want more rosemary plants, I want your lavender!  I haven't had enough coffee to decide about listing anything yet, I'll decide later. Oh I love your pillow case, I want it!"
Sacha: "No we're selling!!  Selling!  And I love the lace you listed..I want that!"
Me: No! We're selling..not buying..just say no!"
Sacha: "Here's my recipe to the Clafoutis you asked for. I'm going to finish knitting my shawl, have a great day!  Can't wait to see what you list while I'm sleeping!"
Me: "Me too! No clue. LOL  Thank you, you have a wonderful night. Thanks for the recipe and say hello to hubby for me!"
And that's how Sacha and Brenda De-hoard!

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