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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I I-Dye!

Don't you just love creative days that turn out fabulous?

I've always used Dylon cold water dye with great results.
So of course I had to try the new I-Dye for polyester.
I loved the color so much (violet) that I just kept putting garments and fabrics
in the pot and this is what came out!

A pair of my cream lace was difficult to capture the vividness of this color!
These are poly or nylon, I can't believe how well they took the dye. Amazing.

I grabbed a cream sweater that I've had for a year and never worn.....and I will be wearing this tonight!

Some vintage cream satin....turned out a gorgeous soft tie dyed purple (ish) color.

Did someone say Roses???

And last but not least, a silk cashmere shawl that I've cut into skinny scarves and I'm going to embellish with sequins and beads......

And I'll be keeping ALL these for MY closet!
  So this will count as my Brenda's Closet Thursday edition too!

Obviously I don't wear a lot of boring colors....♥


  1. What a great idea! I've always been a bit shy of using dyes, but I may have to give it a try. You've done some lovely stuff.

  2. I have never dyed anything...but if we can get that here is Aussie I just might have to try.


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