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Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm thrilled to say my creating mojo has returned and I have a definite direction to go with my designs!

That only took 30 years...not bad. Yeesh.
 Finally I feel like everything I have learned in the past has led me to this decision and that's it the right path.

So I've spent the past few weeks turning my hobby into a business.
Scary? Oh yeah!

Sales tax numbers, updated website, updated profiles and descriptions on my Etsy shop.

A marketing plan and lots of advice from Tara Gentile and other inspiring women to push me out of my rut and into the creative world of selling for what I'm worth.

After listening to several of her pod-casts (really, everyone should go listen) I sat down and seriously figured and re-figured my cost per item.

And yes at the end there was a GASP.  

I've been selling at wholesale cost. 
Which isn't horrible, but not if you want to succeed at what you're doing and actually get paid for it!

So here's the plan...yes there's a plan and I need everyone to hold me accountable to it!
How's that for putting it out there?

Starting next Monday, I will be working 3 days a week on my BUSINESS in my studio.

Yes, I took an extra day a week off from work. Another scary decision!

I have a schedule, just like a outside job. I will shut the door and not play with the dogs or nap with the kitty's all day. I will not play on the internet for hours. 

I will blog more often and list more often!

All input and advice welcome!

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  1. sounds great! it's a big step to step away from your day job, even if it's just one extra day! good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by and following, i'm a new follower!

  2. Hello, this is my first visit - I am rooting for you! I can understand this is a big leap of faith - but, having a plan and a passion, I believe you'll succeed! I am happy now to be following - from Central Georgia ;)

  3. You asked to be my friend on facebook so I am also following your blog.My blog can be found here
    It is called Bright Star after a poem I love by John Keats the english romantic poet. Good luck with your venture,I love romantic clothes and do a little sewing myself. I am a librarian in Truro Cornwall. all the best Angela


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