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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lavender and Roses....

My back room has turned into a garden of lavender and rose smells today!

I wanted to make sweet smelling sachets for Etsy and yes, for my own closets and drawers (who could resist?).

So out comes the herbs and flowers.....

I just had to use the antique sewing machine, since I was using all vintage fabrics....

Made stacks of cut sachets.....

Ah...and then the fun part! Stuffing them with lavender and roses and a few with peppermint and lavender.

Then a vintage box full of finished sachets!

The room smelled heavenly! I put one of these into my pillow case and had very sweet dreams.

And we know I had help right?  I threw some catnip into a shipping box and PJ was a happy kitty for hours!

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