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Friday, July 30, 2010

Purloined Cleome.......

Ah...ok...I'm confessing...these gorgeous Cleome flowers were purloined from a field down the road!

A friend of mine says if she ever loses me, she knows I'm on the side of the road picking flowers!

I've been eyeing these for a week or so, growing wild in an open field and of course, we know I just couldn't pick them in the daytime....I stopped at midnight on the way home....if there was a raised eyebrow smiley I would use it here!

Yes, it's in the middle of no-freaking-where.  A place where I always see deer, coyotes and bear at night.  

And in I go....parked...left the motor running (for a quick getaway) , the lights on (so I can see the darn things) and windows down (so I could make a dash for the gun if I needed it)....grabbed my scissors...doesn't everybody carry those for flower picking in the middle of the night????

I'm knee deep in weeds and snakes come out at night???....hmmmm...I'm giving this serious freaked out thought now...but I'm determined to have those flowers for my ancestors picture table!

All of a sudden, my engine goes into a higher pitch as the fan goes off....I jumped about 4 foot and immediately all those horror movies where the car comes to life and chases you down, suddenly seemed very REAL!!! LOL 
I had prepared for EVERY eventuality but that one!

Needless to say....I saw no wild animals, didn't need the gun and the car did NOT come to life by itself!

I did finally make a quick getaway though.  Sheesh.

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