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Sunday, November 23, 2014

When life throws lichen at you? Pick it up!

Over the summer months I wild harvested many wild weeds and plants.
Usually with sweat dripping while I fought off bees, wasps and killer mosquitoes.
Trimmed, cleaned, dried and stored.
 I was having too much fun to complain, however there were days I wished the herbs would just fall from the sky, into my box already dried and labeled!
I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?

So fall came and then really cold weather. I was pretty bummed that the collecting days were over but thrilled that the mosquitoes were gone.
Still hiking every day though and one day...yep you guessed it...a limb fell right on me with Usnea just ready to be put in the box!

Nature throwing dried herbs at me? That's a heck yeah!

So easy to spot this bright green lichen on the fall leaves!

It only needs to be left out a few days to dry as it's dry to start with unless it's right after a rain.
It didn't actually label itself, but pretty darn close as there's nothing to confuse this with in my region.

If you find this in yellow, it's poison.
Always make sure you know what something is before you ingest it!

There's a version that grows longer, but it's still this gorgeous bright green color.
These are called "old mans beard". Self explanatory.

The inside of this has a white band inside when you pull it apart and attaches itself to the tree limb with one base.

Latin, from Greek leichēn, lichēn, from leichein to lick
First Known Use: circa 1655

 Leafy foliose lichens and shrubby fruticose lichens.
If you find one of these, the other is likely to be there also.

 I'm making a tincture for immune support and storing the rest.
I rescue it when I find a new limb down after a storm.
Now a great reason to look forward to storms!

Usnea and Turkey Tail mushrooms drying after harvesting. 

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