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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graveyard on Muslin

Linking to Show and Tell Friday. Not sure my graveyard fits the theme..
but I like it and it has roses!

I finally got started on my Graveyard picture I've been wanting to make, why is there so few hours in the day?

There's two graveyards I pass on my way to work everyday, very old, one with a weeping cherry tree and the other with old gates and roses....

so I'm combining them both because I couldn't decide!

I've started on the background, painting on muslin...

Soon as it dries I can start doing some free hand work on it!

Too much fun!

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  1. cemeteries can be very interesting, visually, historically and emotionally. I often will visit ot have a little wander about when on my travels.


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