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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Over on my other blog....we're cooking!

OK, Sam is cooking...I'm drinking wine, watching and eating!

 A Tongue in Cheek look behind the kitchen door in restaurants! Bring your sense of humor and see the view from a server's perspective.


Chef Sam's First Post - Pomegranate Dressing Recipe

 My fabulous friend Chef Sam graciously agreed to be my first guest blogger!  Not quite sure he knew how much work it was going to be...but he does now....poor thing...

We worked together years ago in a Mediterranean restaurant (not saying how MANY years ago!), he went on to graduate from Cordon Blue School in Atlanta and I have to say my birthday dinners have greatly improved since then!

Although, he did laugh when I told him what I wanted for my birthday dinner this year...
fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans!  I'm such a country girl.
(If I don't ask for something simple, Sam won't sit down and eat, he just keeps cooking and creating!)

I asked nicely for a re-creation of the pomegranate dressing I loved so much and got way more than I asked for!


 A mixed green salad with oranges, raspberries and warm chive goat cheese.
Isn't that GORGEOUS???

A platter of assorted tea sandwiches...oh just wait till you get the recipes for THOSE...I wish I had snatched some to bring home!  A glass of White Merlot wine, some antique roses and Homer Laughlin china and a gourmet picnic on the cliff over looking the river.

Can you tell what's missing from this picture???
Oh nooooo....we forgot the dressing!

No worries...we just had to keep smacking Greg's hand (our photographer) who was starving after taking tons of pictures and pop it back in the picture!

I'm assuming everyone knows who drank the wine? Somebody had to do it....

So much fun you guys!
Huge thanks to Chef Sam and Greg for a fabulous evening with friends and food.

Sam is working on posting the recipe for the dressing, so check back!

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