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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The "girls" are home!

The Guinevere sisters are home from their photo shoot in Dallas!
They had a fabulous time and would have liked to stay longer, but they came home with some amazing photos!

They visited the famous "Dallas" TV show house!

They visited the parks.

And the skirts were having such a nice relaxing day, they refused to come home at all! Can't say that I blame them!

Thanks to Amy from


  1. looks like allot of fun and they even look pretty Laura

  2. Gorgeous girls and capes. Love the photo of the women in skirts. Those skirts are beautiful too! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Nor only so I love the name of your blog, I just know those silky skirts and whimsical shrugs turned a head in the Dallas area! Wilted Magnolia -- one of my most favorite flowers, though wilt soon don't they, but Oh before the do; you know their beauty does not die only withers into sweet fragrant pedals with everlasting leaves - Terri --

  4. Not only are the photos wonderful, it looks like you had the time of your lives. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  5. What great photos. Happy Pink Saturday.


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