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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The robe is leaving home!

The Moonlight and Romance robe is packed and ready to go to it's new owner in Canada.  I'm sure other creators can sympathize with me when I say I'm THRILLED and SAD to see it go, all at the same time!

I create because I love to make things! 
I love to share what I've made and that means selling them. 
Yes, the money is nice to have, more because it seems as though what we creating is being validated that it's worth something to others also.  Seems most designer's struggle between pricing what's it's worth and what it will actually sell for!  I can spend hours making roses and only using one out of the bunch, or totally changing my mind and doing something different!

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn and accept, is that not everyone can do what I do!  And certainly considering the fact that not everyone wants to!  

So when someone buys one of my creations, it's such a rush to know they loved it as much as I did and I hope they have as much fun wearing it and I did making it!

Now....what to make NEXT??? :)

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