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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Really??? I'm in the pattern business?

Ah, the anticipation on getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the estate sale in the next county....OK, the crack of dawn was 11:00, but hey I work second shift, so that was pretty good for me! After calling my buddy that lives close and having the "should I go, is it worth it?" conversation, I grabbed my coffee to go and went to explore the treasures that only live in houses of the south!  45 Min's later, there it is!

Oh no, lots of other people!  I've been scooped!  No surprise there, considering it's almost l:00 now!

I get to the garage and think "OMG it was a wasted trip" Nothing but ceramics and magazines.  The man sitting or should I say "reining" over the proceedings "laid back in his chair, said "Honey, you just go on inside. The back room is the craft room, Xmas decorations are in the other room and the living room has everything else and the back porch is the jewelry". Well. Needless to say I pushed the little woman aside with the small snippy dog (why do they ALWAYS have little dogs?) and made a beeline for the craft room!

I should have taken pictures, but there was too much to do!  Wall of fabrics, box of patterns, notions, shoes....this was my kind of sale!  It didn't take me long to realize that I was never going to get through all this in time to get back home and get to work on time, so after tracking down one of the ladies in charge (in her calico red checked dress and apron (awwwww....cute), telling her my predicament, I asked how much for all the patterns, never dreaming that it would be reasonable enough for me to get them all.

  And lo and behold I am now the proud owner of 6 boxes of vintage patterns!

Some are the designer Vogue's, some from the 40's....

Some are from the l980's which will promptly go into the trash!  Some things really should NOT be made again! :)  Do you KNOW how long it's going to take me to go through all these???    So we can certainly expect to see some of these in my Ebay shop next week!  Most of them are size 12 and l4, wonder if I can lose 50 pounds and wear some of these by September for the "Self Stitched September" challenge? 

I did score some of the cutest vintage purple shoes and lilac hat still in the hat box!  And they fit!

So overall, I'm going to was worth getting up at the crack of dawn!

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