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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Batch Three!

The rest of these are going on Ebay!  Thanks!

 Sold to SewConvert!


  1. Hi! thanks for reserving the pattern for me, is McCalls 5366 jumpsuits or separates? I would love to have this too if they are jumpsuits. Oh, and are these in the same size? Thanks! I've been coming here to look at the patterns everyday hahaha!


  2. Sorry, just saw that they r my size! Yes! Yes!

  3. LOL Yes, they are all in your size! Irksome for ME! :) I'll put your name on it. I'm in love with these coats! I've got to start a list of numbers to search for in my size.

    There is one l4 in this batch. The white dress, not sure of the number without looking.

    Isn't it fun to see what's going to pop up everyday?

  4. Ah! Got there too late! Damn. Enjoy SewConvert, the best woman won xxx


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